Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Not just spaghetti

I hardly have any memories of eating at the Old Spaghetti House. I think I've only dined there around 2 to 3 times. Of those, none have been remarkable enough for me to remember. Last weekend's trip to the restaurant however has just put the Old Spaghetti House in my "memorable" list of restaurants and I'll tell you why:

Lo and behold, Old Spaghetti House's ultra amazing ratatouille pizza:

My golly it is so yummyyyyy! I've only encountered very few white sauced pizza in my life and none of 'em has been memorable enough so The Old Spaghetti House has no competition in this category! I just love how simple and delicious it is. The pizza itself is freshly baked and the crust is super thin. It's top with mozzarella cheese and vegetables stewed in tomato sauce (it's ratatouille, remember?) It's that simple and yet it is so tasty!

Funny how what got me hooked on The Old Spaghetti house is their pizza and not their pasta, when in fact that's what they're famous for. Well, maybe it's just because they have few vegetarian pasta options and I already have really HIGH standards when in comes to my Putanesca so the pizza appealed to me more. Guess now you can say that the Old Spaghetti House offers more than pasta, they have the BEST ratatouille pizza too!

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  1. Wow, the pizza look so cruchy and yummy! I miss Old spaghetti house :)


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