Saturday, December 10, 2011

Foreign-Familiar and the case of blurry prints

Sophia and I appreciate art. We may not be well-versed with artists and famous art works but we stop and take time to appreciate beautiful art pieces, occasionally going to art exhibits, depending on our fancy.

Well, while strolling around Shangri-la, we chanced upon a photo exhibit, entitled Foreign Familiar.

The exhibit featured works of different photographers who took photos from different countries in Asia.
Photographers were given the freedom to interpret the country however way they want. Featured above are rooms in China.
Of the displays there, the ones that really stuck out to us was the set with blurry prints.
It was so artistically done we just couldn't stop talking about it. Often, when we take photographs, our goal is to take really clear prints but with this set, you can see everything was blurred but they all look so beautiful together!
We were so inspired with the "blurry" photos set that we tried to experiment on our blurry pictures just to see if we'd get the same effect. Lol!
Tinkered with the prints so it'd have the same "artistic" effect as the ones above. Haha! What do you think?
To end this post, let me leave you my favorite picture from the whole gallery:

So ethereal!

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  1. not well versed with art either but i appreciate these kinds :) pretty!


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