Thursday, November 10, 2011

Spongecola is love!

Me and S used to follow OPM bands back in college. We were huge fans then-- we went to gigs, made sure we talked to them and even have a couple of band members as contacts in Yahoo messenger and Friendster. Well, years after college, I found myself face to face with one of my favorite bands:  SPONGECOLA.
I don't normally blog about people/events that are work-related but I had to make an exception because the band is one of my favorites!!! They had a meeting at our office and boy am I sooooo glad I'm working on a project with them. I tried to be as professional as I can but gaaaah, I couldn't! I am too much of a fan!
Since I was their contact in the office, their manager Saul gave me a cd, which the boys graciously signed for me. Thank you, thank you!

I couldn't resist! YAEL!!! (haha, fangirl)
I will never, ever tire of following our local bands. Not only is it a show of patriotism, it is also about supporting REAL home grown talent.

To end this post, let me leave you their current single, which, has been on loop on my ipod for days a couple of weeks back:

Parang isang panaginip ang muling mapagbigyan 
Tayo'y muling magkasama....
Oh, kay tagal kitang hinintay

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