Friday, November 25, 2011

Blue Coffee and Cream

Invite us to an event at a coffee shop and 4 out of 5 chances are, WE'LL BE THERE.

Here's what we wore to Saturday's fashion talk at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf:
I am not yet over my browns and creams addiction, much more because Christmas is getting nearer and the vast amount of sweets haunt me all the time! Here goes my "browns" addiction paired with my default "black" weekend-wear preference:
I know it looks like I went a little crazy on the leopard print, my apologies, the caramel + black combination just called out to me!
 Top: Firenze | Shorts: Forever 21 | Bag: Mango | Shoes: CMG
The first and only time I got to visit Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Shangri-La, I got so cold because of their full-blast aircon and my iced white mocha. So when I heard that the event will be held at the same branch, I decided to wear something warm..
So, I decided to wear a Forever 21 sweater with lace detail, a Fudge Rock pleated skirt and some cream-colored accessories I've had for some time.
Now that Nin mentioned it (I saw the title she came up with. hehehe.), the gray skirt did end up looking blue-ish. Hehe. Moving ooonnn... :P
Spending Saturdays at coffee shops with good friends is really one of our favorite past times. We could spend hours and hours just talking about recent events, our pasts, our dreams and whatever comes to mind. Some people think coffee shop-goers are victims of consumerism but we don't care. It's our happy place! And despite how many bucks we'd waste on expensive coffee, we'd still frequent coffee shops just because we love it there-- and really, you're paying for the experience; think of it like paying for good seats at the theater or an opera.


  1. Love both of your outfits! You guys look so pretty!


  2. love both of your outfits especially Ninin's top and Sophia's skirt. <3 Followed you pretty ladies.

    <3 Maria

  3. AWWWWWWWWW! Sophia, I love that top! Sorry, Ninin, I like your outfit too, but this time I'd have to say I want Sophia's top, hahaha!
    You two look great together, just like cool sisters, I love it when two friends dress similar but NOT identical! Gooorgeous!

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season


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