Monday, November 28, 2011

DIY Christmas tree

Last week, my mom randomly asked me to make her a Christmas tree. Make? Gaaah, you must be joking mom!--but she wasn't. She really did want me to make her a tree...out of cardboard!

So okay, fine. I could use a little creative output anyway. So here goes... Presenting our family's amazing 2011 Christmas tree! *drumroll*
Ta-dah! Hahaha! I don't know if I'm supposed to be delighted or laugh at how the tree turned out. Still, allow me to show you the process I went through to create this *ehem* masterpiece:
It all starts with a cardboard box. Just cut two identical triangles from it to make the "tree", then follow steps 3-4
Cut squares in 3-inch intervals. You may adjust the specs as needed. The "tree" is supposed to look like the picture on the right. At this point, no glue, or tape is needed as everything fits like a puzzle piece
Now, decorate! You may use any color that you want; and any design that you fancy. Just go crazy with it!
...And voila! The DIY-ed Christmas tree is finished! Hooray for me! lol!
Merry merry Christmas!!!


  1. Wow! You did this? I'm not a crafty girl so kudos to you for pulling this off! :)


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