Saturday, November 5, 2011

Not so greek (anymore)

I remember so fondly the time when Sophia and I spent our Fridays at Shangri-la. It was our thing back in college and I think that went on for months until our class schedules changed. Well one of our favorite restaurants in Shangri-la is Cyma. We fell in love with their Mahi-Mahi and even after several years (and me turning vegetarian), I still swear to the amazing taste of that beautiful piece of white meat.

Well a few weeks back, Cyma opened a branch in Robinson's Ermita. I kept nagging my mom to dine there because I wanted her to taste the Mahi-Mahi. Finally, after what felt like forever, we found ourselves in Greece--err,--Cyma, I mean :P

I practically ran when I saw the entrance to the restaurant. I was THAT excited! I felt like a kid in a candy store but my first disappointment came when after waiting for a few minutes, the waiters still haven't provided us with a menu. It's not like the place was packed in the first place! But it was a minor boo-boo so I let it pass.

After getting our orders, the disappointments started to pile up.

Appetizers. Our appetizers took FOREVER to arrive. Maybe it's because they cook it as soon you order it but when you're a customer and you see food arriving at other people's tables who arrived later than you, you start to get irrate.
Stuffed Zucchini Flowers
 I was so hungry by the time these arrived so I gobbled them up in big bites. It's not as tasty as I expected it to be, but it's not bad either.

We were done to our last two zucchini flowers when the main dishes finally arrived! (Talk about waiting).
Roasted cedar planked mahi-mahi
Mom got the mah-mahi on my suggestion. I don't know if my memory serves me right but I'm almost sure it used to be wrapped in wax paper and served on top of a plank of wood. I was very excited for mom to try it but to my utter dismay, she thought it was ordinary. Oh, sadness!
The Yemistes were the saving grace of our meal. It's rice stuffed peppers and tomatoes with pine nuts, sultanas and brasied potatoes. They were very tasty and I was satisfied with it--but a ratio of 1 out of 3 is not a good ratio :(

I don't know if it's just the Cyma branch in Robinson's Ermita but I really don't want to think that Cyma has deteriorated. I've been gushing over it for so many years that it's disappointing to go back and not feel the "magic" anymore. I would love to go back to Cyma and have a better dining experience-- I want to relive the joy of eating really good food and remembering how it tasted even years after.


  1. Haven't tried Cyma at Rob Place cause we always eat at Shang. I hope its just the Rob branch, or else I'll be very disappointed too. :(

  2. i've only eaten in Cyma once, as in once and the experience was not as amazing for me either. we had the lamb but it was not the lamb i expected (unlike the ones i see on tv)... i wonder why people flock to that place...there are a lot of customers during lunch and dinner...and their prices are too expensive for such small orders.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  3. Aww...this looks soo delicious... ;-)

  4. i think your mistaking the mahi-mahi with the psari fournou, thats the one wrapped in wax paper.

    next time try the roka salad.. its to die for.

  5. @noelle chantal: Yes, I hope so too! I loved Cyma and I always want to love it

    @gizelle: I used to love it very much. Cyma for me is one of the better greek restaurants in the country that's why it was a total disappointment to dine there again and not be satisfied.

    @anonymous: haha, I'm not so sure anymore if it was wrapper in wax paper co'z it was so long ago, when I still ate fish but it was definitely the mahi-mahi. remembered it well because it was the first time for me to encounter that fish. Shall try the salad next time! thanks for your suggestion!


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