Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vegetarian options at Pepper Lunch

I have been wanting to go to Pepper Lunch since the day it opened. I just really wanted to try their pepper rice and experience cooking my meals  myself. But being vegetarian means I cannot dine there as the resto does not have any vegetarian options :( So you could only imagine my surprise when I saw chuvaness advertise this:
VEGETARIAN yakisoba. May 8. One day only. YUM!
So okay, it still doesn't have pepper rice but what the heck! At least they've introduced a vegetarian meal, even for one day. That's one step in the right direction! hooray! I'm so excited! Please, please, please, chuvaness offer a vegetarian alternative. Tofu is a nice start. Barbequed tofu w/ pepper rice perhaps? With a side of zucchini and bell peppers? (wow, I'm salivating just imagining it).

I sure hope they'd have a vegetarian option in their menu by the time they open in Robinson's Ermita. Oh please vegetarian Gods, help me with my plea!


  1. Thanks for the post! The yakisoba dishes will be available for 2 months starting Sunday May 8, so no worries. Please pass by soon!

    Thank you also for the suggestion of BBQ tofu with pepper rice!

    Please email us how we could prepare this? and other suggestions are very much welcome!

  2. you're very welcome! thanks for the heads up about the yakisoba, I'm so excited!!!

    thank you too for being so nice! I love restos who take their client's suggestions seriously ;)


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