Monday, May 2, 2011

A nymph by any other name

My curls have "mellowed" down and are not as big and chunky as they were. I don't mind because It's already been two months. Plus to be honest, I am sorely missing my straight hair already and am deliberating on getting it relaxed (hahaha, I'm too fickle-minded). Well, my curls now look perfect for the summer because it has turned loose which makes me look boho.

Decided to give this pixie cut dress a spin co'z it's been sitting in my closet for too long. I think the last time I wore this out was two years ago. Lol :P
The fabric is actually perfect for the summer co'z it's light and airy. Kept everything else simple and muted so as to keep the focus on the dress. Decided to wear dangling earrings too (which I hardly ever do) just to complete the look ;)
Pixie dress- thrifted
Turquoise skirt- revenge fork
Nude lace-up boots- Parisian
Was compelled to artsy-fy these shots. the downside though is you can't see the detail on the dress. boo.


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