Monday, May 16, 2011

Easy come, easy go

What I wore after a day of swimming and pigging out with my favorite girls :)

Lazy Sundays are great for dressing down, but I never really know how to dress down except maybe by not wearing too much accessories and sticking with basics and wearing comfortable shoes.

The highlight of this outfit is the shoes which I found from FILA. I didn’t know FILA now has a line of sandals called Tiva. You should check out their selection, they’re all casual (which is apt for FILA) but impressively fashionable as well.
Blogger has been acting weird lately, we had a number of drafts ready but a couple of them were erased which really makes me want to throw a brat fit. Also, we can't login using our personal accounts (soan@thetwomissfits; ninin@thetwomissfits), we only get to access the account through the main login (which we hardly ever use). Still, I'm just glad to be blogging again! We really have a lot of posts for you all so I hope you be as excited as me to have blogger back to normal very soon.

striped top with ribbon detail: bazaar
white shorts: bazaar
red & blue wedged sandals: Tiva by FILA

Hope you're all enjoying your summer so far despite the weird weather.


  1. I love your shoes dear! Yeah, it was really weird blogger was gone for like 2 days. Hopefully, it'll never happen again. Fingers crossed. :)


  2. thank you Nix! yes, I do hope that doesn't happen to blogger again. it was torture!


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