Sunday, May 29, 2011

Meal on a lazy day

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Today I don't feel like doing anything
I just wanna lay in my bed

...And Bruno Mars gave me the sound track to my weekend. The weather has made me want to roll in bed all day but for some reason I found myself out and about. Still, I felt extra lazy so instead of a decent lunch, I opted for this:
Marty's Vegetarian Chicharon in SPICY vinegar flavor
This reminds me of the time when I still ate meat and I would eat chicharon with rice.
Thank you Marty's for giving me the liberty to indulge in this guilty pleasure again. It really does taste of pork chicharon!
Vegetarian Approved!
 Super flavorful! I now look forward to lazy days filled with chicharon and rice meals. *haha*

Disclaimer: not the most healthy meal but a few indulgent, junk-filled days are encouraged.


  1. Ooh I've never had chicharon with rice before! Never thought of it, either, haha! But now that I've seen this, hmm.. I just might.

    On my lazy days I don't even bother with the rice. :-P

  2. Really?? I ate chicharon with rice all the time when I was young-- thought everyone else did. HAHA


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