Thursday, May 26, 2011

Symmetry in Assymetry

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To me, one of the best pieces of clothing to bring on a vacation is an easy, flowy, wonderful dress.

They're easy to pack, beautiful and great for hiding your "suddenly bigger" tummy from gorging on food.
Fell in love with this dress because of its asymmetrical hem plus the first time I tried it on, I felt like I was trying on a wedding dress. It was so serenely white and dainty, I had HAD to get it.

I want to strangle myself for forgetting to wear a necklace with the dress. I was in a rush and totally forgot about it. Ugh, I hate when that happens. Necklaces are one of my favorite accessories. I am almost never without a necklace (or on most days, with my trusty gold necklace with pendant) so I felt unbearably incomplete that day. Haha, I'm such a drama queen :P

I've been staring at the pictures recalling how warm the sun was that day. I am now sorely missing the heat! Summer ended too soon donchathink?

dress - K
blue and gold python sandals - charles & keith
denim bag - from Vietnam


  1. hi Nin! you look great in a white dress. :) love your bag too!

  2. Nin, where did you buy your dress? I'm not familiar with the brand. Thanks! :) -Charen

  3. @ate Mel: thank you! I've actually been gravitating to whites lately

    @Charen: ohnoeee. I actually am not sure that's the complete brand name, that's the name on the tag but I think the store has a longer name. The store is located at the 2nd flr of glorietta 5, near the row. Will check on Tuesday and get back to you :)


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