Sunday, May 15, 2011

Watch this: Water for Elephants

I'm not particularly good with movie reviews so allow me to brief you the simplest way possible:

Movie plot: a veterinary student abandons his studies after his parents were killed and joins a traveling circus.
Acting: Simple but really believable! It was like watching someone's life unfold-- didn't feel like a movie at all.

Notable acts: Christoph Waltz as August! He was so believable and haunting. *clap clap!
Who the movie is for: hopeful romantics and animal lovers alike would love this film. It was moving and tastefully done, no part was too cheesy or too brutal.
Fashion inspiration: Reese Witherspoon! You have to check out her outfits in the film, she is so well-dressed for a circus performer
I covet her costume here. I want a swimsuit like that!
Take my word please, just watch it!

TMF rating: 9/10

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