Sunday, May 8, 2011

No other love

It's mother's day today and I'd like to dedicate this post to my beloved mama and all the beautiful mothers in the world (special mention to Soan's mommy! Happy Mother's Day Tita!) :)

 No other love
Mama, I'm flyin'
I can go
I can go anywhere
No other love
Can take me there
I've noticed a change in my fashion choices. Lately, I've been gravitating towards classic, whimsical pieces which are more mature and less trendy. I think it comes with age. There just comes a point in your life that you stop going with what's fashionable at the moment and start collecting classic items.

My inspiration for this outfit is the song by Chuck Prophet, No Other Love. I was listening to it one afternoon when all I can think of were dreamy far-off destinations.  Then I remembered I had this amazing sheer peach skirt that's been hanging in my closet for months. I just thought if No Other Love was an outfit, it'd look like this:
Dreamy. Whimsical. Romantic.
Basic white spaghetti strap top - Dept. Store
Sheer Peach skirt - What a Girl Wants shop here: WAGW
Brown strappy heels - Parisian


  1. You look like a goddess here! :))

  2. i love classic looks! very elegant and pretty :) happy mother's day to your mom :)

  3. really ladylike look, nins! i like! :) i also have a tulle skirt that i haven't worn yet because the exact definition for it is "it's all tulle and no skirt (though it's shaped like a skirt)".

    anyway, happy mom's day to your mom, too! :)

  4. @ar-ar: thank you! I'm so flattered ;)

    @hazel: thank you, belated happy mother's day to your mom too ;)

    @soan: hahaha, all tulle, no skirt? that's funneh :P see you soon S!


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