Monday, May 9, 2011

Eating well at Delicious Kitchen

Finally got to try Delicious Kitchen by Eat Well in Galleria. We were craving dimsum (looks like we've forgotten about our dimsum feasts in HK) so we ordered the following for a quick snack:
Xiao Long Bao

I was excited to order this because I still had a hangover from the best 'feels like there's a party in my mouth' Xiao Long Bao in HK's King's Lodge. But, when our Delicious Kitchen order arrived, I have to admit I lost my appetite. It didn't smell good! It actually smelled stale. Still, I braved the stench and tried was okay. My sister liked it but I preferred these:

Shrimp Dumpling aka Hakao

When I was little I didn't like Hakao. I wouldn't even dare taste it whenever my dad ordered some. I guess I didn't like the wrapper. Now, everything has changed. I prefer shrimp dumplings over pork dumplings. Maybe it's partly because hakao is a lighter meal than siomai? Speaking of siomai...

Shrimp + Pork Dumpling aka Siomai
We just had to order siomai. It's one of the most commonly present dimsum in Chinese restaurant menus here in the Philippines after all. The verdict? It was good. The meat wasn't tough and chewy and the flavors were yummy.

I know Delicious Kitchen has a lot more to offer besides dimsum, so I'm not yet closing my doors on this restaurant. Next time, I'd like to try their noodles. ;)

P.S. Meh. I know there's nothing photogenic about the pictures of dimsum that I got but hey, I was just being a dilligent blogger snapping away some pictures with my phone. I just noticed now that the pictures are quite greenish/ yellowish, sorry 'bout that.


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