Saturday, May 21, 2011

Summer flick: Something Borrowed

So okay, I realize I've been watching a lot of movies (than normal) lately. Waddya know, another recommendation!

Watch this:
I know the story plot is not original: the best friend is in love with the bride's fiancee. So okay, not so promising. But take me word please, it was unbelievably good! It didn't feel like watching a movie. It was like something out of reality tv. The scenes, the conflicts, even the reactions felt so real! I admit to have cried in a number of scenes co'z the lines and situations evoked strong emotions from me. I could relate to Ginnifer Goodwin's character and would even react the same way to the situations she found herself in. The story was just so real, it's such a nice change from all the ridiculous and unrealistic movie plots prevalent in Hollywood films nowadays.

We walked out of that theater talking about the movie nonstop! This to me, is a sure sign that the movie is great co'z for a girl who's a little hard to please, it's such a feat to have me remember it.

I'm sure there will be people who would think it's shallow and that it's just another chick flick, but I don't know with this one... I think it's a keeper.

Who the movie is for: girls, basically. Especially those who have had their hearts broken before and would want  to try to understand love and relationships more. A good movie to watch if you want to see how stupid boys can get (lol!)

Fashion inspiration: Kate Hudson is such a fashionista! I love love her outfits in the film!

One thing I just find disappointing is the ending. Don't know if the book really ended like that but I feel like it was too abrupt. Still, the scenes prior to the ending were too memorable, we didn't even care if the end was a total blah.

There you have it! Another movie recommendation from yours truly! Go watch it!

TMF rating: 8/10 (the end is not that good remember?)

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