Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Have MORE fun under the sun

...with Nivea's sun care line!

I couldn't be happier to have had the chance to go swimming before summer officially drew to a close. Although I vowed to get tan, I have to admit, I'm still really careful with exposing my skin to the sun's harmful rays. Good thing Nivea sent us some of their "sun products", which was just in time for our swimming trip. Thank you Nivea!

L-R: Nivea Invisible Protection Transparent Sun spray, Nivea moisturising facial sunblock, Nivea moisturising sunblock lotion
Let me break down our impressions of each product:

Nivea Invisible Protection Sun Spray
I am not a big fan of lotion-- more so of sunblocks. I just really hate that greasy, heavy feeling I get from applying it on my skin. The thought then of getting a liquid sunblock appealed to me more.

Plus (+):
+ The Nivea Sun Spray promised to be invisible and non-greasy. Well, waddya know, it was true to its word! The spray gets absorbed really fast by the skin. It is invisible in the sense that you don't have to deal with that white streak we often get when applying sunblock.
+ One big plus though is that it doesn't smell so "sunblock-y".

Minus (-):
- It is indeed non-greasy but I have to say it felt a bit heavy on the skin.
- Maybe it's just me but I found the spray bottle really hard to use. The button was difficult to press, I had to get help from my friends in spraying my body

Nivea Moisturising Facial Sunblock
I may not like lotions on my arms and legs but I am a sucker for facial creams and the like. I just get really crazy and particular with what I put on my face. At first I was apprehensive in testing the product co'z I was scared I might get breakouts. The one thing that assured me that it was safe was the thought that I use Nivea eye cream already. So after a brief internal debate, I decided to go for it.

Plus (+):
+ Spreads smoothly on the face
+ Smells good
+ Has a semi-powdery finish to it. It looked like you put powder on top of your moisturizer
+ Gets absorbed easily

Minus (-):
- A bit oily. Maybe it's because it's water resistant but after taking a shower, I could still feel the sunblock on my face.

Nivea Moisturizing Sunblock with SPF 50
As I said I'm not a big fan of sunblock lotions so I have to take Soan's word for this.

Plus (+):
+ Does not smell too "sunblock-y"
+ Easy to apply and does not leave white streaks on the skin

Minus (-):
- Forgettable. I mean, doesn't offer too much. It's almost like any other sunblock lotion in the market
- Feels heavy on the skin

Overall, I think sunblocks are one of a number of products that are really hard to assess. With that said I think Nivea is a safe bet when choosing a sunblock. My favorite would be the sun spray because it is, to date, the most memorable sunblock I've ever used.

The sun is still blazing hot! As we all make the most of what's left of summer, may Nivea Sun Care be our companions in achieving that perfect glowing summer skin!

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