Friday, July 1, 2011

Wishful thinking: R&R at Sofitel Hotel

I think staying at a hotel all by myself would be a wonderful, relaxing experience. But that's still in my must-try list. There's something about spending your alone time in a hotel that tickles my fancy. I don't just feels like something that a grown-up would do. Oh wait, I'm technically eligible to do that 'coz I'm considered a grown-up already, right? Sigh..if only my wallet would 'grow-up' and  permit it but sadly I have to be thrifty.

So for now, all I can do is daydream about a wonderful morning lying on this bed,

or lounging on the sofa of my own receiving area,

or the perfect view of the glorious sunset by the pool,

or the scrumptious feast for dinner.

I've been to several hotels in the metro but I've never stayed at Sofitel. The family has tried booking a room there many times (we were trying to avail of the membership card freebies..yes, we've been fooled by those agents way back..haha.) but they always say that Sofitel is full. So, yeah, that's another reason why I wanna check-in there. Exclusivity (which is sorta ironic since we were members). My other reasons are stated above, emphasized by the pictures.

How about you? Are you also feeling super tired like me? What do you wish to do to alleviate the stress/tiredness?

all photos are from Sofitel Manila Hotel's website


  1. I can totally relate! Technically the only time I've stayed in a hotel by myself was for a job interview - so not the most relaxing. There's just something about it that is so fun though!

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  2. Hi Sophia! I've stayed at Sofitel and in my opinion the rooms are overrated. :-) Well, I've only tried the standard room so maybe the more expensive rooms are better, lol. But their Le Spa is really good and Spiral buffet remains one of the best. :-)


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