Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The secret is in the recipe

I love Secret Recipe. Back in college, me and my friends vowed that one day we'll order a slice each of ALL of their cheesecakes. They serve, to date, the BEST cheesecakes I have ever tasted.
Cheese Choc. I don't like chocolate but I find myself occasionally craving this. Yuh, it's THAT good.
My "it" cake. Pecan Butterscotch. I cannot tell you just how goooood it is. You have to taste it for yourself

Well, a couple of months back, Secret Recipe added more items to their menu. The first thing I got to try was their Pad Thai and at once it was immortalized in my palate. I loved it. So when I found myself at Secret Recipe one rainy day, I made it a point to get the Pad Thai again-- as well as try the other equally inviting items on their menu.
Beef Lasagna for my mom. It looks messy but my mom testifies to its outstanding taste! I have to agree though, just the smell of it, almost made me forget I was vegetarian.
Malaysian Hookien Mee. I haven't tasted Hookien Mee before so I can't compare but it was good nonetheless!
MY Pad Thai. Excuse the not-so-inviting photo. I was too excited to eat it, I didn't bother "fixing it up".
To give it justice, let me just post Secret Recipe's official photo instead:
There. Looks MORE inviting than my puny shot.
I love Secret Recipe! I love it more because of the additions to their menu. So good! I can't wait to go back! :) ...and oh, I COMMAND you to order their Apple Kasturi drink, the taste is one-of-a-kind! Please take my word for it.

Check out their website for more on their food (prepare to drool!)


  1. I love cheesecake!!!! I have yet to check out secret recipe :)

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. i've never tried Secret Recipe ever, but these photos are incredibly tempting!! i'll be sure to try the place out asap!

    boat ride through the sky

  3. YUM!!! That cake looks amaaaazing.

    XO, Liza
    fashion over groceries

  4. I looked at the lasagna photo and I found myself licking my lips. It made me crave! Looks delish.


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