Sunday, June 5, 2011

Serene at Serenitea

I've been hearing about Serenitea from my high school friends since it opened so you could only imagine how my eyes grew wide in delight when I saw this as I was strolling in Robinson's Ermita:
Finally! I'd get to taste the much-talked-about milk teas!
Since it was my first time (and admittedly did not research on the establishment), I didn't know what to get. Good thing the mall has just opened so I was one of their first customers for the day and they gladly answered my stupid questions. I asked the barista (is that what you call them?) for his recommendation and he said their bestseller was Okinawa which is milk tea with brown sugar. Sounds good to me!

Next, he asked me the sugar level. I was like, eh? What sugar level? Apparently, their tea is fully customizable, and you can choose how sweet you would like it to be and what kind of "sinkers" you'd like to put in.
Since it's my first time, I asked for standard sweetness and traditional black pearls for my sinker.
A few minutes after and voila:
Yum yum yum! For a mere 105php, this one's a keeper!
My first sip was divine! At once I understood why my high school friends were raving about the place. The tea was amazing! It was smooth and velvety and everything just blended so well. It was like beautiful lyrics set to a perfect melody-- an orchestra for your taste buds!

I love how tea shops are now sprouting like mushrooms in the Philippines. I just wish the establishments were more "cozy". I mean, why is it that most of these tea shops always look like fast-food chains? Seriously, a rethinking has to be done! ...And yet with that said, I'm still a fan of milk teas... and tea shops at that :P

For more information on Serenitea, visit their facebook page: Serenitea

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