Monday, June 27, 2011

Neon black

The skies have been so gloomy that even after the rain has stopped, it remained overcast the entire day. It's weekend and despite the urge to sleep in, Sunday duties must prevail so off to church we went-- with the fambam looking cheery and me... well, in black (as expected on a weekend).
Gave the outfit a little bit of oomph by wearing this graffiti print skirt with neon details. I originally planned to pair the skirt with something fun and equally colorful but the gloomy weather compels me to wear dark colors.
I was so amused when I realized the color of the skirt is reflected on my peacock earrings. What a wonderful surprise. I love it.
Sorry for the glum expression on the photos. I was not in a cheery mood. And oh, you might have noticed I took photos in three different locations. I always forget to calibrate my camera for gloomy/too sunny weather. I tried so hard to find the best place to take photos :P

black biker jacket - Betty
black spaghetti strap with applique - Revenge Fork
graffiti print skirt - H&M
black clogs with chain detail - Parisian
peacock earrings - Aldo


  1. Cute skirt, i love the print!


  2. lovin the rocker chic feel! :) i hope you'll visit my blog too! :)

  3. The print on the skirt is to die for!

  4. girl i love the skirt! it gives the perfect pop of color on your gloomy day outfit. :)


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