Monday, June 13, 2011

Stylebreak's new collection!

I can't be more excited to find out about Stylebreak's new collection! Stylebreak is one of my favorite online brands because they always come up with the most interesting pieces.
Just when everyone is else is jumping in the bandwagon, Stylebreak goes on an entirely different route which then ends up the trend. And that my friends, is what you call trendsetting!
As always, their new collection Lines and Drapes has only a few key pieces-- but that's the appeal of it! That's how you create a more vivid and memorable image for your audience. Like this draped peach skirt for example, which I am incredibly lusting over and which I know will be stuck in my head for days.
Enough blabber, time to start shopping!

To see the entire collection, check out

1 comment:

  1. waah! that drape skirt also caught my attention.. i want it so baaad. hahaha.


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