Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tea fit for a queen

I have been on a semi-milk tea addiction lately. I would find myself sitting in my cubicle chair daydreaming about milk teas (I'm too weird, I know). One day, after realizing that it was too taxing to go all the way to Robinson's after work to go to Serenitea, I decided to check out tea places in Mall of Asia instead. I googled Gong Cha, this tea place I've always been wanting to try, to check out their menu.

The information I discovered online got me wanting to run to Gong Cha. Apparently, the franchise is famous in Asia and is one of the top places to visit for milk tea aficionados.
I already checked their menu online and although I wanted to try their house specials, I already had my mind set on milk tea with pearl jelly so that's what I got :)
They say the secret to Gong Cha's milk teas is their special milk cream. Hmmm... how would it be different from other milk?

After waiting for just around 2 minutes (very fast service!), my order arrived.
I almost forgot to take a picture because I was so excited to try it
Suffice it to say, I had high expectations from their tea. I mean, the name of the store itself demands HIGH expectations. Gong Cha -- Tea for Royalty. See? So how was it? The first sip was amazing!!! It's unlike any other milk tea I've tried before! I swear, I've never had milk tea this memorable!

Normally, I don't finish the entire cup because my migraine gets triggered by high caffeine content but by some miracle, I didn't get a headache after drinking it! Their brew is perfectly balanced. Perfection!

I don't like it when food products get over-hyped. People start saying it's really good, yada yada yada, and then you'd find out it doesn't live up to the image. But with Gong Cha, the tea itself does all the talking for you.

I stayed there for almost an hour reading a book. If it wasn't for the hard chairs, I would have stayed longer. Still,  I'd have to say, I really really enjoyed my experience :)
Again, what's with tea shops and their "fastfood-like" set ups?? I really wish for the day when tea shops would adopt a more "cafe" look and feel
I can't wait for my next visit! I'm so ordering Gong Cha's Milk Green tea or Yakult Green Tea! Sounds yummy!

Gong Cha
G/F Music Hall, Seaside Boulevard
SM Mall of Asia


  1. I've been dying to visit Gong Cha! I miss taiwan's milk tea and i find it such a luck that MoA has this now!

  2. so it tastes just like taiwan's?? that's amazing! gives me more reason to frequent gong cha! went again today and I'm getting more and more addicted! it tastes SO good!

  3. i get what you mean about stores getting much hype but totally falls flat when you experience them...there are a lot here in PI, especially if it's imported. LOL.

    glad this store's not like the others..hope i can try it out though. hihi.

    ♥ GIVEAWAY at vanilla ice cream ♥


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