Wednesday, February 13, 2008

sweets for your sweet (or you and your friends) this hearts day

My earliest memory of receiving a "sweet" Valentine's Day present is when I received my first humongous box of Ferrero Rocher. Yes, yes Ferrero is now a Valentine's Day chocolate staple. Did you know that last year, Ferrero's price increased when the week of Feb. 14 stepped in? That being said, we know that Ferrero is not the cheapest of the chocolates. You'd most probably leave a hole in your pockets if you plan to give all your friends a 3-piece set just to let them know you're sweet. This is why I came up with a back-up plan. There are a lot of other chocolate brands out there! Here's a list of some of the chocolates that are not too commercial, not too cheap and which your tastebuds would surely appreciate.

A disclaimer though, for those who could afford and want nothing but the best for their special someone or their friends, then...

1. FERRERO ROCHER the way to go! Just looking at its elegant and classy gold wrapper, you are assured of the delectable treat inside. I cannot stop imagining how crisp and crunchy that hazelnut exterior is. And when you bite it, surprise surprise! There's a ball of creamy soft milk chocolate inside. The interplay of textures and the nutty chocolate with the milk chocolate is just divine!

However, for those with a slightly tighter budget...why don't you try..

Of course, the classic Hershey's Milk Chocolate is still part of the list of the most comforting chocolate bars. However, since it is Valentine's you should go for the Hershey bar with an edge.

Yeah, I'm a bit addicted to anything with mint. Mint iced tea, peppermint mocha, Mint choco chip ice cream... So for girls who are also mint addicts, this chocolate is for you.

Some people say this is better than Ferrero Rocher because (1) it is harder to find (2) it is more chocolatey-er (3) you'd get the same smooth hazelnut praline taste (4)it is cheaper. I think what they mean is that it's like you're eating the inner core of a Ferrero. If you find one, go let your special someone try it right away. I tell you, this chocolate is simply divine!

Here's a slightly more expensive line of Swiss chocolates. Lindt offers pralines, chocolate bars, even golden chocolate easter bunnies. What makes this chocolate bar unique is its unusual flavor combinations. For example, they have flavors such as creme brulee, lemon tart and raspberry. Also, Lindt is thinner than most chocolate bars. You know, there really is something sensual about the feeling of subtly tasting chocolate.

Now here's something for those who have a really tight budget but still wants something 'worldly' for their loved one or friends.

Reese's are usually available in supermarkets making them easy to find. This chocolate is for the chocolate AND peanut butter lovers. Also, what's great about Reese's is that it's good even when it is just at room temperature (not chilled or refrigerated). Another good thing about the Reese's peanut butter cups is that one packet has 2 cups - making it good for sharing!

Twix are also found in supermarkets however it's usually seen in more 'high-end' supermarkets. If Reese's is for chocolate and PB lovers, Twix is for the caramel lovers! Twix chocolate is a butter cookie center with a caramel filling that is completely covered with milk chocolate. This is one chocolate that is better if served at room temperature because the refrigerated ones end up having rock hard caramel centers. So, if extreme sweetness and texture is what you're after, Twix is the way to go.

Toblerone is also easy to find. Almost all supermarkets have Toblerone. This chocolate is for nougat lovers. Nougat is the white bits you taste inside the bar. What's good about Toblerone is that it is great served at room temperature or refrigerated.

I have another tip for you PK girls...
Why don't you try buying chocolates at the specialty store..Here's a short list:
1. Truffles from France
2. Leonida's
3. Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar

So, come on girls..let's get our cute little butts to specialty stores or to supermarkets and get our hunnies or our girl friends some sweets. Don't forget to grab a few for yourself. Happy chocolate shopping ;)

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