Friday, February 29, 2008

Another kind of sweets!

Before the love month finally ends, let me push the mushiness to the limit and give you the last sweet treat for the month! But let me go beyond the ordinary and give you instead the unconventional kind of sweet treats that you and your girlfriends would definitely love! Presenting, the unedible desserts!

Soap Cupcakes by Milk and Mixture

If you're a big fan of cupcakes (like me and S), then I think you would love, love this sweet find! These little soaps are designed to look like cupcakes and even come in great cake flavors! There's cherry, mocha creme, peppermint frost, strawberry, tropical coco pandan, mint chocolate and chocolate! I am rather excited to try the mocha creme and mint chocolate because they just sound (and look) really, really tasty! -- err, not that I'm going to become a soap-eater anytime soon! They're just so lovely to look at that you would easily mistake them to be the real thing! Also, they smell as good as they look too! So using these soaps would make you smell as sweet as they are! Cool, cool, cool!

The fun thing about these too are their packaging! You may buy them by 1's and boxes of 3's and 6's that come in these really cute cupcake boxes! I tell you, they really look like real cupcakes fresh from a bakeshop!-- and for the price of 75php each, these cupcakes are sure to be big hits for you and your girlfriends!

Fudge Bucket soaps by Milk and Mixture

Here's one for the chocoholics! If those cute cupcakes didn't tickle your fancy, then I bet these chocolate soap shavings would make you wish you were munching on a huge bar of Hershey's! Much like the cupcake soaps, these little treats smell as good as they look!

They are placed in tall microvable containers that were made to resemble buckets. Sooo cute! It even includes a loofah inside for exfoliation.

The makers of this product says that anyone who uses these cute choco savings would leave the shower smelling of fudge, almonds and amaretto combined! Now, doesn't that tempting? But if you do not want to use these soaps in the shower, you could always put them inside your cabinet or in the bathroom as they could double as air fresheners too. Wow, the air smelling of chocolates all day long? That would be heaven to me!

Lipglosses from Charmcandy

Since I bought my Cappuccino flavored lipgloss from Watson's Beijing, I have been on the look out for food flavored lipgloss like that in the Philippines. And alas! I found finally found them!

Charm candy offers a variety of food flavored lip glosses that would really whet your apetite and make you feel like you have just eaten one of those delectable treats! My personal favorite of the lipglosses is the Reese's peanut butter lip gloss because I just love, love Reese's! Too bad though that I wasn't able to buy one because it's already sold out! Yes, even these unedible treats sell as fast as their "real" counterparts! So if you plan on buying girls, I suggest you act fast!

Desert Body Splash from Charmcandy

Now you can smell of your favorite dessert all day long! Yes girls, here's a line of dessert-inspired perfume for you that would make you smell sweet whatever time of the day!

These sweet smelling liquids come in the most delectable scents like cookies and cream, strawberry, chocolate chip cookie, vanilla and chocolate! Yum-my! You can use these anytime although you should use them sparingly as you wouldn't want to smell TOO sweet as well especially in Manila's hot weather because the smell of something sweet mixed with your sweat is NOT GOOD.

Dessert Jewelry by Angeli

Since clay art has made waves here in the country, our resident clay artists have become very creative in coming up with dessert inspired pieces! --and the Mother of all these? The Bead Lady, Angeli.

The Bead Lady offers clay jewelry of all shapes and sizes but I believe the greatest and most popular of them is her dessert line which features cupcakes, baked treats and even frosties! These little pieces can either be used as a pendant or as charm for your bracelet. Intricately done, these little treasures resemble the real thing to the letter! I tell you, you and your friends would suddenly be drool-worthy when you sport these stuff! (pun intended. hehe.)

The Love month may have finally come to a close but that doesn't mean the sweets, roses and mushiness must disappear with it too! Like Christmas, why don't we make everyday Valentine's? That would surely create a lighthearted and love-filled world! Now, who wouldn't want that, right? *wink!

Milk and Mixture


Angeli's art beads
also available at Peppered Cherry
2/F Serendra, The Fort, Taguig

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