Tuesday, February 26, 2008

PK girls adore musicians and vice-versa

Are you excited? They've added a new date for Ne-yo's concert here in the Philippines. Originally, they've set Feb.29 for Ne-yo's Araneta performance but because the tickets were sold out early, the producers agreed to hold an extra concert night - March 1!

Now, now girls...who's watching? I am! I have a few tips for you to remember in watching a concert.. You know we PK girls still have to prepare for our encounter with our favorite star, right?

Before the big event!

1: Don't forget to brush up on your knowledge of your favorite star's song lyrics. You wouldn't want to be merely humming the whole time would you? (haha!)

2: Fix your bag the day before. Don't forget your tickets and your camera! A word of advice: don't bring a lot of stuff, you'd want to keep your bag very light because your stuff should be the least of your worries during the concert.

3: Try driving out to the concert venue if you can. It's good to be familiar of where the concert will be held because you wouldn't want to be late just co'z you lost your way, right? Also, take note of which gate you are supposed to go through. Most concert venues have separate entrances for different seats so try to find out which gate you are to enter because again you wouldn't want to be late for the show just co'z you got lost.

4: Find out if there are any rules in the concert venue. Sometimes there are arenas where a couple of rules are set for the audiences such as no cameras allowed, no bringing of ballpens, no wearing of metallic bangles, etc. Research on these kind of rules because I tell you girls, they actually exist! Try finding out about whether the concert venues have rules like these to save any hassles on the day itself.

5: Create a banner or sign. Yes, going to your favorite artist's concert would be amazing enough but wouldn't it be even better if he/she actually notices you through your banner? Who knows, your favorite artist just might read your banner's message out loud! This is one sure fire way of catching your favorite artist's attention in a sea of faces!

6: Leave for the concert at least two hours earlier. Expect that a lot of the concert goers would be bringing their own cars. Expect that all of you are excited and would want to park at a good spot. Expect really heavy traffic. Allot time for these things. A little time allowance won't hurt anybody. Besides, it's better to be safe than sorry. We don't want to miss our rockstar's grand entrance now, do we?

7: Wear comfortable clothes. Although it's a concert and flashy outfits are a surefire way of getting noticed in the crowd, you would still want to put comfort top priority when choosing something to wear. Go for sneakers and flats and try to stay away from open sandals much more slippers because not only would you risk getting stepped on by the dancing crowd, you also risk playing Cinderella (if you know what I mean. haha!)

8: Come in your prettiest!-- not that you're not pretty already but I tell you, concerts are also one of the few venues you could actually go all out with prettifying yourself! Wear makeup because the venue is very dark so you'd want to look pretty even with little light. Also, try to tie your hair in a bun or up in a ponytail because I tell you, even if the venue is airconditioned, you'd still be sweating bucketloads from all the people and of course with the dancing you'll do! Another reason you should come in your prettiest is because there is a very, very huge chance that a celebrity or even one of your favorite local artist (think: Yael Yuzon, Champ Lui Pio, Miggy Chavez) would be watching the concert too so you better come prepared!

During the big event!

1: Survey the audience before sitting down! Yes, you're in the concert to see your favorite star but you should still take a little time and look around the audience to see if there are any familiar faces in the crowd such as celebrities and even rockstars themselves. Who knows, you might even get the chance to have a picture taken with one of your favorite local artist!

2: Maintain eye contact with the artist especially on a sweet song. Err, that is if you're close enough to do that! Well if you are, then do it! When you keep on trying to catch the artist's eye, it's most likely that he would soon catch yours too and once you get his gaze fixed you, I tell you girl, he wouldn't take it off! This works perfectly along with songs that are ultra sweet. Try it and I tell you, he would be dedicating that song to you already! And if you're really lucky, he might even go down the stage and take your hand! Now, wouldn't that be the greatest??

3: Wave, wave, wave! This advice is more for those people with seats a little far from the stage. Whenever the artist looks in your direction, grab that chance to wave at him! There's a big chance he'll wave back too! --and that's already a great story to tell your friends!

4: Don't be shy to sing and dance along to the songs! Even if no one is standing up nor singing loudly in your row or in your area for that matter, that shouldn't stop you from doing it! It's a concert for crying out loud! Just let loose and have fun! I tell you your favorite artist will greatly appreciate you more when he sees you singing and dancing along to his songs!

5: ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY! Need we say more?

After the big event!

1: Don't leave the venue just yet! Not only will you be able to avoid the hoard of crowd leaving the venue, you would also have the chance to rub elbows with some stars! Sometimes artists after performing do not leave immediately, instead they let the crowd go first so not to risk being mugged. If they did leave early though, it's still okay because I tell you there would still be a lot of "other" stars left at the venue! Most celebrities tend to stay long after the concert is finished because they want to avoid the crowd. If you have already spotted a celebrity the moment you walked in a venue, try to take this chance at the end of the concert to approach him/her for a photograph!

2: Upload pictures. What better way to let the adrenaline rush keep flowing but looking at your snapshots. It wouldn't only remind you of how rockin' your experience was, it would also show the world how much fun you and your friends had.

3: Go online and comment on this article. Share your experience with us. Tell us if you have additional tips! Those would be greatly appreciated.

Have a rockin' concert experience PK girls!

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