Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mushy Flicks part 2

Hail the queen of romantic flicks! Hail Drew Barrymore! :) Yes! This girl really is queen of mushy, uber cheesy, chick flicks! It's like when hollywood needs a romantic movie, it calls on Drew for a fool-proof performance. She just never fails to charm her way into the audience's heart and make us all feel like we're actually in her character's shoes! Yes, that's the magic that is Drew Barrymore! :)

So in tribute to Drew and of course in continuation of our Mushy flicks weekend marathon, we have compiled here some of the best Drew Barrymore romantic flicks of all time! (err, just the ones we've actually seen that is)

1. Never been kissed - Tell me honestly, did you get your perfect foot-popping first kiss? Was your first kiss really like the one you imagined to have with that person you dreamed of getting it from? Well, some may say yes, some no (as for me, I remain mum about this because I haven't gotten it yet!) but bottomline is, everyone's first kiss is unforgettable!

So if you want to relive your fantasies of that perfect first kiss or just want to feel how it is to fall in love, then this flick is for you! Much more than showing love and being all mushy, this movie also shows the cliques and the ins and outs of falling in love in high school-- and we all know that the love we find in high school is very special!

2. Wedding singer - Know the song Grow old with you by Adam Sandler? Well this is the flick that made that song famous! Who would ever forget the look on Drew's face when Adam starts to serenade her in an airplane through the PA system? I mean, hey, that is like the best way to serenade a girl! Aside from that really sweet scene in the end, I am very sure you would love this movie especially if you're into musical-type of films as there are a lot of "musical" moments in the flick.

3. 50 First dates - The first time I saw this film, I cried really, really hard. I was so amazed by how patient and dedicated Adam was to Drew. I mean, hello?!? Tell me, would you really have the patience and dedication to constantly win over the love of your life everyday? Man, that would be tiring!

This movie also was the reason most girls started to look for their "penguins". It was said in the movie that when penguins look for their partners, they look long and hard and when they find him/her, it would be "the one". Awww... How sweet is that?

4. Music and lyrics - The first time I heard about this movie, I didn't fall in love with the plot immediately. It was too mediocre for me but after I watched it, it made me want to watch it again and again! It was simple, yes, but the story was just sweet and very realistic. I especially love this flick because I enjoy "musicals". The song "way back into love" is from this movie. It is already a great song as it is but I tell you, you would appreciate it more if you see the film too as it is in the film that the lyrics of that song was created.

5. Ever after - if you're into fairytales and if you have a soft spot for Cinderella, then you would love this film! Its story is like that of Cinderella complete with an evil stepmother and bitch stepsisters. Of course, it also had a prince and castle, much like the Disney orginal-- minus the unrealistic "magical" part. You should also take note of the dresses her especially the one used by Drew during the ball. The dresses are just spectacular! It would make you want to live during that period! --and you know, with the existence of Prince at that time, who wouldn't??

See now why Drew is the queen of romantic flicks? *bats eyelashes*

Have a great "Drew" weekend girlfriends! *wink!

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