Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why crushing is better than dating

No Boyfriend Since Birth Society. Tell me, who among you girls are members of this club? C'mon now, no need to be shy about it! There's nothing wrong with being single! Nothing wrong with waiting for "the one" too! So, I say again (louder this time) All you certified members of the NBSB Society, hollerrrr! Whut? Whut? I can't hear you! Hollerrr!

Feels much better doesn't it? There's really nothing better than having all your single girlfriends unite and have some good old fashioned bonding. Yes! Time to celebrate singlehood, time to celebrate liberation! Being single is fun!-- especially so when you're merely admiring a boy. Yes girls, I'm talking about crushing! And I am here to give you some reasons why I believe crushing is so much more better (and fun-ner) than dating!

  1. You can plot hallway routes that provide maximum exposure to his adorable face.
  2. Choosing an outfit for school takes on a whole new dimension.
  3. You fall asleep at night to the thought of him on his knees serenading you with a 98 degrees ballad (so old school!)
  4. 4. It's fun scribbling 'him + you = True Love Forever' in discrete places.
  5. 5. You break your own record running in PE class in order to "casually" keep pace with lover boy.
  6. 6. Your pals can help you analyze your crush's every move and signs that you're meant to be together.
  7. 7. That momentary skipping thing that your heart does when your cellphone beeps.
  8. 8. It's fun to cast yourself and the object of your affection as the stars of movies like 10 things I hate about you, Stardust and Enchanted.
  9. Every love song suddenly pertains to you.
  10. You never have to talk about your relationship: instead, you can create the perfect romance in your head.
  11. You don't have to learn about any of his nasty little habits like eating raw onions on everything.
  12. Instead of spending time wondering if his friends like you, you can spend your time deciding which of his friends you get along best and who would most likely vouch for you.
  13. The library suddenly becomes your favorite hang out when you find out that lover boy spends his time there.
  14. It's fun playing "stalker" as you check his friendster page and blog to know updates about him.
  15. You don't have to deal with each others' differences. Instead you can focus on even the littlest similarity with him as each one convinces you that you two are meant to be.
  16. You suddenly become interested in sports, rock music and books because you find out he likes them too.
  17. You go to his every game, every performance, every event, pretending to be his ever-supportive girlfriend. (hey, this adds major "ganda points!")
  18. Suddenly, wherever you go, you get giddy at the thought that he might be there too.

February is not just the love month! For some it is the Single Awareness Month too. But you know, being single doesn't really need to be negative all the time! It's actually fun being single! It's fun having crushes! It's fun being unattached but feeling attached if you know what I mean (hehe!) So again, all my ladies out there C'MON NOW, Hollerrrrr!

...Because we're fab and we know it! *wink!

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