Friday, February 8, 2008

Bikini-worthy body, here we come!

With summer just a few months away, now is the perfect time to get back in shape to achieve that bikini-worthy bod! Changing your diet or regulating food intake is of course effective but it can only do so much-- it won't give you firm and flat tummies that can only be achieved through exercise. Yes, I know, I know. Most of us hate hearing that E word but that E word is your sure fire way of getting that beautiful body so I suggest giving it a second chance. :)

Well, I for one is a very athletic person so exercise for me is fun. But of course when you're already very busy with school work, getting down to business of exercising becomes a task as you often would opt to spend that little "free time" you have relaxing and enjoying yourself. But what if I tell you that you can exercise, have fun and relax all at the same time?

Introducing the revolutionary Hip hop abs! (ha, I sound like an informercial!)

Designed by Shaun T., hip hop abs promises to give you the abs that you want while teaching you some very cool hiphop steps. It has 4 unique workouts which are designed for specific problem areas. The four parts of the dvd are: fat burning cardio, ab sculpt, thighs and legs, and total body burn. Aside from these, the cd also includes bonuses such as: key to flat abs, last minute abs and even a "learn to dance with Shaun T." portion.

I have never seen the informercial of this but S kept on talking about it since December last year that I somehow became curious. Well, S bought her copy from a tiangge but didn't get to try it until I slept over her house. It was hilarious because everything happened so fast. First we were only half-joking that we'd exercise that morning and then in a few minutes, we found ourselves groovin with Shaun T.'s voice as background. My first reaction to the workout was nothing. I mean, I hardly had time to react anymore as the workout was so fast! It won't leave you any time to stop or even relax a little as Shaun T. keeps pushing you to "groove and work it". In a matter of 25 minutes, we finished the first workout. Wow. I didn't even realize then that I was already exercising!

I think that's also the appeal of the exercise. You won't realize you're exercising already because it's fast plus you'd feel like you're merely in dance class with a very persistent Shaun T. as your teacher. It's a really a great thing because sometimes when exercises are slow, it makes you give up faster as your mind realizes you're exercising and tells you it's hard work (counting how many push ups you do for example versus when you do hip hop abs and not realizing you have already done more than a hundred crunches). Another very cool thing about the workout program is that you get to dance and have fun! It doesn't really matter if you know how to dance or not. It's more of having attitude and pouting! (haha! you'll get what I mean when you try it for yourself) Lastly, the workouts are relatively short so now you won't be able to say you don't have time for it!

S and I are so loving our newly-found exercise program. The dancers in us are especially happy about it because we get to practice our dance moves again. Plus! The "learn to dance" portion of the cds give us cool new steps that we can use to show off to all our friends. lol! :) This workout truly is one that any energetic, lively and fun-loving girl would enjoy as there would be no dull moments ever.

So girls, go get your copies of hip hop abs now! You won't regret it especially after exercising as the endorphines you'd secrete would also make you feel so much more happier and fulfilled :)

Here's to having the perfect bikini body! Cheers! :)

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