Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Teacher, teacher

Was going through my computer files when I found some outfit pics I forgot to blog about.

See how I still had curly hair here? hehe
I super love the suburban housewife-slash-school girl feel of the dress. This one is from Ensembles' Debbie Co Collection. It's one of my favorite pieces from the collection and I'm super glad I got to purchase one in my size before they disappeared (the jacket I really had my eyes on was no longer in my size *sad).

I originally bought the dress for work but for some reason, I ended up wearing it on a weekend instead. Wore this on a rainy day (hence the indoor outfit shot) and was drawn to the blue/green color combo. Then I paired it with socks to make it more interesting and to offset the "serious" vibe of the whole outfit. Also, the socks kept my feet warm in the rain :)

I still plan to wear this to work less the socks of course but perhaps still with dainty and feminine shoes-- or the other way around, with killer pumps. Hehe :P What do you think?

dress - Ensembles
shoes - Charles & Keith

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