Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bubble Tea Junkie Ep.2: Chatime

I never really liked pearl shakes when I was a kid. But then I discovered milk tea in college. Odd, right? What does milk tea have to do with pearl shakes? Simple, really.. I recently learned of a tea shop that offers great milk tea which you can opt to add toppings on (such as tapioca pearls!). 

Lemme introduce the teashop to you (if you still haven't heard of it)...
At first their extensive menu is a bit intimidating but don't fret, just ask their accommodating staff. They offer tea-based, juice-based and coffee-based drinks in regular and large sizes. 
The first thing I've tried from their menu...
Regular Pearl milk tea (Php 80)
 I love how sweet and chewy the tapioca pearls are. That's why I usually add pearls even on their mousse drinks or choco drinks.
Large Pure Cocoa with Pearls (Php 105) 
Some people are wondering why there's such a craze for pearl tea shops now. Maybe it's because of the healthy lifestyle fad. Or maybe it's just that they also like how the pearl milk tea tastes like. All I can say is, to each his own. Some are tea drinkers, some coffee drinkers, others dislike both. So, for those who are interested to give Chatime a try, feel free to drop by their stores. Two locations I know of are at the basement of Robinson's Galleria and one at Pioneer Center Supermarket in Pioneer Street Mandaluyong.  You can also try having some delivered at your place..just give 2121212 a ring.

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