Tuesday, June 25, 2013

On Yabu: House of Katsu and Sesame Seeds

I've had an aversion to sesame seeds when I was little. I didn't even like burgers just because the bun has sesame seeds. But, recently, I've been getting quite addicted to sesame. Thanks to Yabu: House of Katsu.

I know I'm a bit too late in catching up with the Yabu craze. And I also know that most blogs commend them for their exceptional katsu. I appreciated their katsu too but its their unlimited cabbage with sesame dressing that'll keep me coming back to their restaurant.

I promised myself that I'll try to recreate the side salad. Fortunately, I found this while we were grocery shopping:

Ta-dah! Craving yet? Head to the nearest supermarket and grab your own Roasted Sesame Dressing. Or, go to the nearest branch of Yabu: House of Katsu!

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