Friday, June 21, 2013

Rainy weather buddy 2: ILLY

Part 2 of our perfect rainy day buddies post! This time, let me feature my favorite drink of all time-- coffee! And not just coffee, but premium Italian coffee from Illy's!

I've heard so much about how good Italian coffee is, that's why I've always wanted to try Illy. But for some reason, I never had the chance to do so until now and boy do I regret not having tried it sooner!

My friend had a latte (tall glass) while I got myself a cappuccino. Well, there is just one word for it: WOW. Simply wow. The coffee was so smooth and not too strong. The taste was full and creamy and just had that sophisticated feel to it. I like it too that it's not sweetened so you can control how much sugar goes into your system. And the biscotti! Wow, the biscotti! Perfect match!

I so love their packaging! Live HappILLY! How brilliant is that? I am such a sucker for details so you know just how giddy I felt when I picked up a pack of sugar and saw the quote. Such a nice touch Illy!

I would love to have a cup of coffee at Illy's again soon. The rainy weather is just calling for it! It doesn't hurt that the coffee is really good too! Plus, the last time I passed by their branch in Mall of Asia, I spotted a red velvet cake that was just screaming to be eaten! I'd love to pair that with a warm cup of joe. Yum!

Enjoy the rain friends-- and don't forget to live happILLY :)

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