Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rainy weather buddy 1: Max Brenner

The rainy season is upon us! And you all know what that means-- cuddle weather! If you're like me, who's unfortunate enough to not have anyone to cuddle with these days, then I give you the next best thing: yummy food buddies that will definitely help you forget that you're unattached these rainy days! *wink!

For the first part of this series, let me give you everyone's favorite, chocolate by the bald man, Max Brenner:

Seasalt caramel hot chocolate - Php158.00
Premium hot chocolate on a rainy day? Well that's a no brainer! Even I, a non-chocolate lover, succumb to this come the cold months.

I remember so fondly having my first taste of Max Brenner back in college with Sophia. College was our "rebel years" and we would find ourselves cutting classes we didn't like and going to food establishments all over the Metro. Yes, we were not such "good" students-- but to make it clear, we made sure we still got good grades. In fact, if you let me brag for a bit, we were even dean's listers (or college scholars as we call 'em) back then ;)

Anyway, enough reminiscing, let's go to the good part, the chocolates! I was craving so bad for Max Brenner's Mexican hot chocolate. What is it? It's a spicy hot chocolate drink.

Mexican Spicy Hot chocolate - PhP130.00
Spicy chocolate? Is that even possible, you ask? Well yes it is! In fact, it's a gourmet flavor that is very popular in the food world. Unfortunately for us, there are not a lot of establishments that offer this in the Philippines. So you could only imagine how happy I was while drinking my hot cup of mexican hot chocolate at Max Brenner's! It was spicy and sweet and just really comforting.

I also tried my friend's salted caramel hot choco drink (first photo above) and wow was I blown away! It wasn't very salty as the salt was just in the froth on top. But it still gave it a little more personality than the usual hot chocolate drinks! It was really good. I will be ordering that next time!

Apart from the hot drinks, I couldn't resist getting an 80's milkshake too:
80's milkshake (chocolate) - Php188.00
The shake was pure bliss! It's so rich and chocolately! It even comes in their signature Alice cup, which is inspired by Alice in Wonderland. If you notice Max Brenner's cups are all unique. I like the Alice cup but I'm not very keen on the hug mug. I get how it's nice to cup a a hot chocolate in your hands on a cold day but when you're in the Philippines and the mall's airconditioning is not so cold, holding the cup with your bare hands is quite difficult.

Apart from these drinks, we also got a chocolate lava cake-- err, actually I'm not really sure what this is called. We just saw the lady next to us eating it and wanted one too. This was so good! It had rich gooey chocolate oozing out as you fork your way into it. Yummy!

Apart from those, we also ordered a salted caramel chocolate slice and a strawberry and chocolate crepe. I don't know what happened but I didn't get to photograph those. The crepe was the surprise for me. It was very good! What added to the appeal is that it had corn flakes (?) inside which gave it the surprise crunch. Just thinking about it now makes me drool!

I had so much fun at Max Brenner's. I had so much chocolate that day I got tipsy. Hahaha! Maybe because I don't eat chocolate a lot, that when I do, my body reacts weirdly. lol!

I know there are so many unfortunate things about the rainy season in our country but there also some things that makes it amazing like these chocolates from Max Brenner's. Don't let the gloomy weather dampen your spirits! Have a safe and enjoyable rainy season y'all!

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