Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday McFloating

Sundays are one of my favorite days. These past few years, I've been spending my Sundays out of the house, either at my godsister's or out on a roadtrip. There's just something about Sundays that makes it so laidback and for lack of a better word, pleasant.

For this Sunday, my godsister and I hung out at McDonald's for our weekly tete-a-tete.

McDonald's is one of my "default" hang out places. There are just so many branches and fortunately for me, the ones near our place is not as jampacked as others.

I remember fondly how last year, I even had my birthday "salubong" at McDonald's. We stayed until midnight and instead of a cake, we celebrated with caramel sundaes. Lol!

There's just something so home-y and familiar with McDonald's that makes us frequent it-- well, apart from the fact that they have the BEST french fries. lol! :P 

I had so much fun with my godsister! It actually doesn't matter where we go, we always have the best time! Because you know, as the cliche goes, it's not about where you go, it's always about who you're with :) 

I'm just so blessed to have the best godsister everrr! Just a little trivia: we're both only children. We grew up together and she shared a lot of highlights in my life so she really feels like a true sister to me. Cue song: pap-parap-pap-pap! Love ko 'to! :)

White top - from Bangkok
Black leopard print shorts - Forever21
Brown laceup boots - from Taiwan

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