Sunday, August 8, 2010

Melissa shoes and the Little Prince

I practically died when I saw this on Melissa Shoes' site!
OHMAYGAWD. I NEED THOSE SHOES!!! (also comes in red and black)

You might not know it but I have this weird fixation on the Little Prince and his rose. I even created a shirt design based on it but instead of the little Prince, I turned it into the "little princess". So you see how finding these Melissa shoes with the Little Prince on it drives me insane!

I need this. Seriously. Please, please, please give me a heads-up if it turns up anywhere in the Metro!

You may check out Melissa shoes online for more amazing styles! These shoes are perfect the rainy season. Jelly shoes are sooooooo in!


  1. i like the little details in the shoes..XD

  2. hi jamie! it also comes in red and black :) you can check them out at their website

  3. Anyone know where to buy these?? I need need to have them! The melissa site just sends me to a site that's in spanish when I'm trying to buy them...


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