Friday, July 26, 2013

Slammin' Weekends

It always starts from one good thing—a craving satisfied, a great discovery, a pleasant experience, or even a memory—and at once you find yourself wanting to replicate the activity. And before you realize it, the repetitive process ensues until it becomes a routine. That, my friends, was how it was with Sophia and I’s experience with ordering from

Two weeks ago, Sophia and I were introduced to’s food delivery service. is an online food delivery service that houses a number of Manila’s best fast food chains and restaurants. Its restaurant roster includes the likes of California Pizza Kitchen, Pipino/Pino, Banana Leaf, and Crisostomo. Now doesn’t that line up sound so enticing?—and who knew they delivered??

Last weekend, Sophia and I tried’s service for the first time. It was a rainy Saturday morning and we were set to meet up with our college barkada. We ordered the food the day before through The site interface is actually very simple to use. Just remember to select FIRST your ordering area (indicated by the red arrow) to get the full list of restaurants that deliver to your area.

Sophia and I ordered from Slammer’s Burger. After placing the order, Sophia got a call from a customer representative providing more details on the order (verifying the delivery time and confirming the order). We were really glad we ordered the day before because Saturday came and with it came torrents of rain! The food delivery was a saviour because there was no way we’d leave the house.

We have fond memories of Slammer’s Burgers. Back in college, Slammer’s was our “default” cinema food. Instead of the usual popcorn, we’d get their super fries which is basically fries with toppings. Sophia and I LOVE their mighty mushroom (fries with mushroom, tomatoes, onions and cheese!) But since we’re a group of 5, we chose their burger meals too.

Of the food items (apart from the mighty mushroom), our group decided that the tastiest was the fries with cheese dip—actually, it was more of the dip. Lol! I know, I know, you’re thinking “what’s so special about a cheese dip?” Well, it’s not just any plain cheese dip! It’s a special kind! (haha, can I be even more vague??) It’s special because the cheese dip was a bit sweet and salty. It was really very good especially paired with the fries. We found ourselves wiping the plastic containers clean with our fries—or for some who ran out of fries, with their fingers. Lol! We were also pleasantly surprised to see that the drinks that came with our meals were Slammer’s special tea and not the usual softdrinks. The tea perfectly complemented the burgers and the fries.

We had so much fun hanging out that day especially since it was raining cats and dogs outside! So a big thank you to and for the trusty delivery guy for braving the rains for us!

Fast forward to a few days ago—guess what? Soan had some Slammer’s again! (I told you, it only takes one good thing and you’d find yourself repeating it).

This time, the order was placed a few days before for delivery on a Sunday. We really like the scheduled delivery service because we’re working girls and most times, work peaks at different times of the day and sometimes you even forget to order your own lunch/dinner. Having prescheduled deliveries is a saviour especially if you just want to get that task done and over with at your most convenient schedule—and speaking of schedules, is open 24/7 so you can place your order literally ANYTIME!

We are so glad to have been introduced to’s service. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to order from Slammer’s, without them we wouldn’t be able to enjoy their amazing fries, and without those fries, we won’t be the happy campers we are now! Lol, just kidding! But jokes aside, we really are two happy customers! Four thumbs up (from both Sophia and me) to Slammer’s Burgers and!

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  1. my cousin and I should try this out too! we always have weekends when we don't know what to eat because we're too lazy to cook and too lazy to get dressed up to go out and eat fast food!

    1. Hi Liz!

      Yes, food delivery services are life savers! has a good roster of restaurants under wing, I'm sure you'll spot a favorite ;)


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