Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday brew all year long

It's no secret that I luuuuurve coffee. And it's no longer just about the taste. I love it because it's the one thing that makes me happy when I'm really, really sad.

My favorite time to get coffee is at night. There's something so perfect about enjoying a cup of coffee after a long day at work without the pressure of having to do something else afterwards. Most times, I get away with this little habit of mine. No matter how tired I am, I make it a point to drop by a coffee shop before heading home just to please my longing heart but there are days when I'm too tired to do just that.

Well, to make my life easier and to also make me feel like Christmas everyday, I got myself a bag of Starbucks' Christmas Expresso Blend :)

I actually intended to get the "red" Christmas Blend but the Starbucks branch I went to ran out of it already. The Barista however told me that the Expresso Roast is tastier than the other one. In fact, this is what they use for their Christmas drinks. The best part about buying it is that the Christmas Blend is now on sale! From 500php, each bag now costs only 350php!

So, how is it? Let my connector ring answer it for me:
Happy holidays, everyone!


  1. Wow seems good!:) My mom is a huge fan of Starbucks' Christmas coffee. :) I bet when she comes home, she'll be buying too!:)

  2. Hi Ninin,

    Haha! I love Starbucks too, but the hot chocolate, not the coffee! Anyway, I'm tagging you in my newest Four Questions post. Please check it out, ok. ^_^

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season


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