Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I've been feeling incredibly sad today. It's just that it's the 1st Christmas that I'd have to spend without my mom around. I haven't been thinking about the sadness of that reality but while at the grocery, loneliness crept in and I found myself crying. I'm not really in the mood to be festive but as always, God knew how to appease me and I found myself attending mass at the Cultural Center of the Philipppines.
I was pleasantly suprised to find out that the Philippine Philharmonic Orhestra and the Philippine Madrigal Singers were performing. The mass was unlike anything I've ever attended! It sounded so beautiful and everything was just so tastefully executed. Leave it to the CCP to turn a mass into a world-class performance :) Thank you Jesus for allowing me to attend that mass, it really did perk me up a bit.

Here's what I wore:

I really like the "universe"-like print of the dress. I also like that it's peplum which is a style I've been really getting hooked on as of late.

Of the things I have on however, my favorite would be my clutch bag.
 It's a gift from my godsister from her recent trip to Cambodia. I looooove it so much! First, because it's handmade and from recycled material. Second, because it's so versatile and third, because the print is of Thailand (hehe, I have a soft spot for anything Thai). Thank you, thank you! I love it so much!

Have a Merry Christmas everyone! Don't worry about me, I'm sure I'd be better tomorrow :)

Dress - Oxygen
Nude sandals - Parisian
Clutch - gift from Cambodia

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