Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Let's go Azkals!

Today is the away game of the Philippine Azkals vs. Singapore and I almost cannot contain my excitement! Our country is not a Football-playing/watching country and it has only been very recently that we learned to appreciate the sport-- this, being brought about by our strengthened national team.

I cannot be more prouder of our boys for getting where they are right now. Semi-finals. Wow. It may not be big deal for other countries but it is big deal for us.

Good luck Azkals!!! I am so excited! I am looking forward to the Finals and hoping that I could watch you again live here in the Philippines! (with Team Thailand! haha. I'm rooting for you Thais!) Go Azkals, bring home the cup!

First time to catch the game live! And it's the semi-finals! Soooo happy!
Catch the game on IBC 13!

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