Thursday, December 20, 2007


When I think of Christmas, I am reminded of freshly baked cookies, apple pies, cinnamon rolls, scrumptuous cakes and warm cups of hot chocolate. Wow, talk about gorging on food during the holidays! Yes, we're all very scared of gaining weight during the xmas season but we also can't resist the smell of these delectable goods! So, what do we do? We go for the next best thing: Buy ourselves some sweet-smelling perfume!

I have always been a fan of Vanilla-scented perfumes. It's like my signature scent. I love how home-y it feels and how it bizarrely reminds me of myself (weird!). However, the problem with these scents is that you can't really wear them all year round especially in sunny Manila. See, vanilla scents don't smell too good in warm weather. I tell you, it doesn't smell sweet when it gets mixed with your sweat. It's just plain disgusting. Eww.

Well, no problem here because Manila's December weather is perfect! It's cold but not too cold so your vanilla-based perfume is sure to hit it off this season! =) If this is your first time to try this type of scent, you might get surprised at how sweet it is but trust me, with our current weather? It will be so perfect! Just make sure to not over do it. Apply minimally to your neck, wrists and pants (yes, pants!) About 4 spritz would do;)

So now, you're ready for your new perfumes! I've listed here some of the greatest vanilla-smelling perfumes I have personally tried over the years:

1. Escada Magnetic Beat

- Really, really, vanilla-y! It smells so good because the scent does not change at all unlike others that change after a few hours on you. It's a little on the expensive side though but Escada often has Christmas sales anyway so there's a big chance you can get your hands on a discounted one this season.

2. Nina Ricci Les Belles Amour d'amandier Almond Amour

- It's not really vanilla based per se however it smells so much of vanilla that it can pass for a vanilla-scented perfume. I like this one best because it's isn't very sweet. The smell is subtle with soft hints of mint, citrus and soft woods. This is a good choice for first-timers and just want to try wearing vanilla scents this season. It's not too sweet or overpowering, it's just right. Again, like the Escada perfume, this one is also a bit pricier.

3. Bath and Body Works Vanilla Sugar

- Sooo vanilla-fied! I used this for a really short time because it was too sweet for me. Yes, it was very true to its word that it smelled like vanilla and sugar and the combination was indeed awesome but somehow, I felt like I was edible already. Still, you could go check it out and try it for yourself, maybe it might suit your fancy. I mean, it is still vanilla scented so there ;)

4. Juice Bar Teddy Bear Refreshee Spray

- I still use this up to now because I love it! It reminds me of my high school days. It's rather sweet but the vanilla scent is to die for! Absolutely fabulous! My only problem with it is that it changes its smell when exposed to heat. If you opt for this, just make sure you don't go overboard as it gets irritating to the nose when you use too much. Strictly three sprays only! Again, wrist, neck and pants.

5. Kris Aquino by Bench

- Weird that this one smelled good. It's rather humiliating to be spritzing on perfume by Kris but I tell you, it's gonna be worth it! S gave this to me for Christmas and I am so loving it! It's vanilla- scented but has lemon-y undertones which balances the sweet smell of the vanilla. Also for the price of 288php, I say it's a good buy! So if you want to check it out, go head off to the nearest Bench outlet asap =)

Well there! 5 sure-win Vanilla scents for the Christmas season! These would surely make you feel and smell sweet this season of giving. Have fun sporting your new scents! It's gonna be good only for the cold season so make every single moment count!

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