Monday, April 25, 2011

Hip Hong Kong

Went to Hong Kong with the fam two Saturdays ago for some rest and relaxation. I included some pictures to be able to share better how much we've enjoyed our short stay there..

We arrived HK on a Saturday morning. Checked in our hotel, had our money exchanged, then we proceeded to have lunch (lotsa dimsum!). It was around 3 PM when we finished eating so we decided to go back to our hotel first to settle in our rooms. After a few hours of rest, we walked around the streets to check out what HK's Kowloon side offered. Dinner time came so we ate more dimsum, of course. We then continued to walk walk walk around and window shop shop shop.
Got to buy soft serve ice cream from an ice cream truck :)

Early the next day, we joined the compulsory city tour.

After that, we went (window) shopping AGAIN.. Heheh.. It's ironic that we bought mochi sweets, which is a Japanese product, in China. Hey, at least I also found something that's only available in HK and Macau. Well, the lemon water's bottle says so but I'd be really glad to get a hold of this drink in Manila. My 'favorite' street to visit actually has no particular street name (or is it considered part of Canton Road or called Gateway Blvd?). What I'm sure of, though, is that my favorite strip is called Harbour City. *cue heavenly music*

The entire 3rd day was spent in Disneyland so I guess it'd be best if I do a separate post for that, maybe I'll include the 2 outfits I donned. :)


P.S. Found this really cool photo collage program, Smilebox. But it's really quite a pain in the butt to save the images (for free, that is). You guys might wanna take a look.

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