Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Of all the decisions I've ever made in my life, the proudest would be turning vegetarian. Not a lot of people appreciated my decision-- they found it ridiculous, they saw me as being too gullible, yada yada yada. I got/is still getting a lot of criticism for being vegetarian and I admit, there are times I get offended. But from years of sticking with my decision, I've learned, that at the end of the day, you only have to answer to yourself.

So what's the point of this post? Oh, haha, sorry. Got a little carried away there. It's just that someone recently commented on vegetarians (in general) and let's just say, I'm still annoyed by it. This post is actually to feature a vegetarian supermarket find!

Was super excited to peek into one of the freezers and find these:
Veaty Bites! Guaranteed Meat Free!
Pandan Chicken
Chicken style
I get really giddy when I see vegetarian food in supermarkets because it is hard being vegetarian. There really are times when you can't find anything to eat. So far, the worst for me was going to a friend's party and all I could eat from the buffet was pasta-- and I mean, the noodles itself (no sauce!). Teehee :P

I don't particularly like vegemeat but there are times when I'd miss the texture of meat so I'm thankful for the ingenuity and brilliance of the one who invented it. The products from Veat are made of soy protein which technically makes them closer to tofu rather than gluten. Veat is a product from Malaysia and although I always prefer locally-made produce than imported ones, I have to succumb to it because they look so different from the ones offered in the Metro.

When I got home, I took out some chapati and excitedly deep fried my purchases! The verdict? YUMMY! They taste like chicken nuggets! Oh how I miss chicken nuggets! haha :P My favorite would have to be the BBQ Mixed bites just because it has bits of corn, carrots and green peas which gives a wonderful contrast to the vegemeat.

Thank you Veat! Thank you Shopwise! Let the vegetarian domination begin! *bwahahaha!

*Veat is available at Shopwise' frozen section and retails for P226.00 each

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