Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lulu Belle

Was about to leave Serendra when something interesting caught our eyes:

Iced tea flavored yoghurt? Coolness!
The cow in their logo is so cuuuute! Reminds us of toy cows Five Cows gave out on their anniversary a couple years back

The other interesting thing about Lulu Belle is the fact that they also sell FIC ice cream. So the not-so-health-conscious people out there can opt to eat really good (very milky) ice cream instead!

Soan and I both wanted to try the iced tea flavored frozen yogurt but getting two of the same thing when you're together is not so practical so I decided to try the Acai berry yogurt instead since it's also a flavor I haven't tasted yet. At Lulu Belle's, you can choose to get two yogurt flavors in one cup.

Here's my acai berry + plain yogurt cup:
Php150.00 for a regular cup
The only time I've ever come across acai berry is when Face Shop did a skin line featuring it. The berries are supposed to be very good anti-oxidants. Basically all I'm saying is, I have no idea what acai berry is supposed to taste like. So how do I describe this? I say it tastes like Starbuck's green tea frappuccino. It was a bit fruity but you can really taste the rich milk in it which makes it comparable to a frappe. Nothing special about the flavor itself, I don't think I'd be craving it anytime soon.

So here goes the star of this post: the Iced Tea flavored yogurt:
Php130.00 for a regular cup
Looks yum! But like the acai berry, the taste takes a bit of getting used to. It was actually unremarkable. S and I were both thinking of what to compare it to but it was a tad bit difficult. It did taste of iced tea, but it was milky too which then makes it taste more like Nai Cha.

The only thing that both S and I really enjoyed was the plain flavored yogurt. It was was not so sour and the texture was very smooth we actually finished that side first. I guess you can say that not everything unique is better, sometimes, the best (tasting) things are the simplest ones.

TMF rating: 6/10

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  1. wow if it tastes like nai cha then i think i'll like it :) thanks for sharing!


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