Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pretty pink

I prepared my outfit for the day with a different look in mind-- punk rock to be exact. But for some reason, after taking these photos, I realized I couldn't pull off the look, I was too "happy" to do punk. HAHA.
I think it has to do with the hair... the curls are too bouncy and girly that going the dark route is nearly impossible to do.
My leather and skull bracelet now looks lost in all the girly-ness. I should've just accessorized with pearls instead.
I unearthed this dress which I got (I think) four years ago from my closet. Since we got back from Brunei yesterday, all I can think about is going out and wearing the skimpiest outfit I could find. Hahaha! Seriously, I suddenly appreciated how Manila gives us freedom to wear anything we want, regardless of length or exposure of flesh. (more on this cultural peculiarity of Brunei in my upcoming Brunei post!) My great desire to go out and wear short outfits even prompted me to leave the house at 4pm and visit my old University just because I felt like it. Haha, I am too spontaneous sometimes :P

Wore this for a long day of check-ups, errands, shopping and dinner with the family. What a long day but I'm super happy to see everyone (and feel the buzz of Manila) that I don't even feel tired at all! :)

Oh Manila, I'll always choose to come home to you!

hot pink bubble dress: Human
black leather studded clogs: Parisian
necklaces: random from Beijing
white watch: ODM My Pilipinas collection
black bolero: Cherry Float (shop here)


  1. Haha I can relate! I can't ever do punk! I will induce laughs wherever I go! But I think you did a great job balancing out the girliness of the dress. :-)

  2. you ran errands in those awesome heels??? wow, i salute you..super! <3 <3 buti ka pa...hehehe.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  3. @manila girl: hahaha! thanksss! It's actually new for me co'z I'm so used to looking grunge or punk, going the girly look makes me feel a bit weird. ngeh :p

    @gizelle: yes, the shoes are actually very comfortable! ..and I didn't exactly do a lot of heavy lifting or anything, it was more of paying bills, etc., it wasn't hard at all!


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