Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bakin' and Churnin'

I celebrated my birthday last week. And like last year, I wanted to 'discover' something new and unique for my special day. I was thinking of getting a really cool cake since last year, I bought myself these really cute candles (which you can read all about here).

Well, it was when we went shopping for groceries at SM that I found my perfect little unique cake (the PLU. hahaha :P) So where did I find my PLU? At Bake 'n Churn!

Bake 'n Churn is a line of ice cream cakes made affordable for everyone! It's a Filipino product which aims to bring ice cream cakes to the AB market. They even have a "scoop a cake" feature which lets people have a sneak preview of their ice cream cake line.

Basically, Bake n' churn tries to sell their ice cream cakes to unsuspecting customers @_@ And well, well, well, sell their ice cream cake to ME was certainly what they did! :P

I'm not a big chocolate fan so it was rather easy to pick out the flavor of ice cream cake for me: strawberry cheesecake, mango overload or ube supreme. One strawberry cheesecake please!

1. Packaging
I was pleasantly surprised to see that they used a box for the packaging. Most ice cream cakes I know put theirs in clear plastic boxes but Bake n' churn used the traditional thick brown box to put their cakes. It's interesting to see this because these boxes are actually more expensive packaging than the plastic ones but these are certainly more eco-friendly. So I definitely give them three stars for being so environmentally conscious!

2. Design
The design of the cake was simple yet sophisticated. It was also fully coated in icing which would make you excited to slice into it to see the layers inside. I think this is effective because I was so excited cutting into my cake that I didn't wait 'til my birthday. I just couldn't resist!

The inside was a gift! Can you see all the pretty layers? It looks so tempting and very "celebratory". It so girly too! hihi :P

3. Taste
Here goes the ultimate test! Taste! So how was it? The white part was the cake part which was basic butter cake. The cake part tasted very much like mamon even with it's softness. The pink part is the strawberry ice cream. The ice cream itself is not spectacular. Bake n' churn concocts their own ice cream so if you're used to the taste of Selecta, then you get would disappointed with this. It's just basic ice cream, nothing fancy or anything. Next layer is a thin layer of graham which you might find hard to find (it's there! it's the brown part). That layer is my favorite! It's soooo good! It has crushed graham, hard caramel bits and small chunks of cheesecake! Yum! When you eat all the layers together, your mouth would burst with flavor! It's truly magical!

4. Overall Appeal
I have nothing against the flavor of the cake because it's really good but I ended up eating one slice and gave away the rest of my cake to our neighbors because it was too sweet for me. To say it better, "nauta ako". One slice was enough for me. But that's just me. I'm not a big fan of anything too sweet anyway. But for those who love sweets then this ice cream cake would probably tickle your fancy. Take my word for it, it's good! There's no denying that. Just be warned that it is indeed sweet especially with all the different layers each being sweet on their own.

Tip: I hear their chocolate line tastes wonderful. Haven't tasted it yet but they say it's their best seller. Try it and share your story with us okay? ;)

*One whole cake costs 499php*

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