Friday, August 29, 2008

Duet, anyone?

I don't usually watch local tv networks but while I was channel surfing the other night, I chanced upon Celebrity Duets at GMA 7 and whoa was I shocked!

Phil Younghusband is a contestant there! *gasp!*

S and I have been drooling over the Younghusbands since they arrived in Manila about a year ago. We were totally into the whole, ex-Chelsea turned Philippine team player idea. Soooo hot! We once found ourselves almost arguing over James Younghusband, Phil's older brother. But hey, hey, James may be hotter but you cannot deny Phil's outstanding good looks too! *drool!*

Let us introduce you to the hunk who 'got game' *wink!

Full name: Philip James Younghusband
Age: 21
Birthdate: August 4, 1987 (belated Happy birthday sweetie!)
Height: 5'11
eye color: green
hair color: brown
some of his favorite songs:
ayo technology- 50 cent, dakota- stereophonics, I want to hold your hand- the beatles, Stop crying your heart out- Oasis, This is why I'm Hot- Mims

Okay, okay you can stop staring now... hahaha! :P You know this scenario reminds me so much of the case of the royal brothers Prince William and Harry. You know how everyone was always gushing over William? Then time came that Harry 'bloomed' and bam! He became soooo hot! Well, well, well, are we seeing the same thing about the Younghusband brothers? Maybe to a degree but then, they're both hot to begin with so maybe not. hehe :P

Well... in case you were wondering why S and I are so in love with James, here's a teaser:

*drools* No, I won't post any of his hanford ads, like in here, or here because I know you'd just swoon. No-no girls! S and I are are already fighting over him so don't add to the list okay? Haha, I'm kidding! Oh my, he's such a sweetheart *bats eyelashes*

Catch Phil Younghusband sing to his heart's delight on Celebrity Duets, Saturdays, 6:45 pm at GMA ch. 7 :)

tip: have a look at the audience too so you can catch a glimpse of his oh-so-drool-worthy brother :P

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