Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tunes for your tunes

I have always loved playing musical instruments. I think it runs in our family to be big fans of anything related to music. We have guitarists, pianists, flutists and a whole bunch of singers and occasional belters (hehe!) Well, when I was young, one of the things I would spend money on was big books of piano pieces and a whole bunch of "songhits" for guitar chords. When internet became popular, I tried looking for sites which provided free music sheets--but to no avail. They were all being sold for an amount. But fortunately, not anymore! Yes girls, you can now get piano pieces and guitar chords of your favorite artists on the net for free!

My Piano
Check out the collection of piano pieces on here, I'm sure you'll love it! I'm currently in love with the sheets of Superman by Five for fighting, it's so good and unbelievably, rather easy! Just click on the link (if it's a link), right click, "save target as", and voila! It'll be in pdf format so you have to have acrobat reader installed. :)

Ultimate Guitar
I love this site a lot. Not only do you get the chords, you also get to learn tips on how to strum properly so you get the correct melody. Plus, you can choose from different versions so you'd know which sounds best :) One tip: try to have your guitar with you while checking the site so you can try out the piece already before printing because like I said, there are different versions and one version is better than the other so you have to know first.

Have fun creating your own collection of music sheets girls! Time to unleash the ultimate rockstars within! haha! :)

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