Monday, July 28, 2008

Pop! goes Britain!

Remember the film Music and Lyrics where Hugh Grant played an ex-British pop star? Well, if you don't I bet you remember more the video of "Pop! Goes my heart" by Hugh! If you still don't, then poor you! Haha! Kidding! :P

Well, why do I ask? Because if you remember that video, you would remember how "pop" it was. It's like you're watching stars from the '80s with their weird hairdos and neon colored ensembles. Icky you might say with the surge of 'emo' and 'alternative' bands nowadays. But hey, do you know that that kind of sound is what's "in" now?

Yes girls! Introducing the Ting Tings!

The Ting Tings are making waves in the music industry. Representing the heart of British Pop, the Ting Tings' sound is upbeat and modern, with a LOT of attitude! Their music is very pop with experimental arrangements, interesting sound textures and funky lyrics.

Their music reminds me so much of Avril Lavigne but with a whole lot of spunk. It's like their music is very "out there" that only those with strong and loud personalities would appreciate. It's girly, punky and mean at the same time. Very, very, interesting music mix indeed. :)

If you want to check them out, we suggest these songs: Shut Up and Let me Go & That's Not My Name. You might have heard the former for it was featured in the Gossip Girl series along with another of their singles, We Started Nothing.

To know more about the awesome two-some, check out their site:

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