Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Revisiting Five Cows

It has been a year since S and I went to Five Cows. The amusing thing about it is we didn't realize that until we arrived there and found out that they are celebrating their first year anniversary! Wow. Talk about right timing, ey? :)

So there we were excited to order our favorite Cheese Fondue when we found out about their anniversary. And the good thing about it is that they were giving out a free stuffed cow with every 1000-peso single receipt purchase until July 31! How cool is that?? Well, we were so excited about it since it was limited edition and all (hehe) So.. here's what we got to get that cute souvenir stuffed cow:

Cheese Fondue- php 450.00

Primavera- php 145.00

Chicken Adobo- php 170.00

Warm Chocolate Float- php 135.00

*Guys, the prices are not very accurate co'z we can't find our receipt.

Plus Iced Tea (80php) and service charge and voila! 1000-peso single receipt! Yay! :) Sooooo... where's our stuffed cow you ask? Well, here she goes! Introducing the cutesy FIVE!

Isn't she like the cutest ever? She even smells of dairy too! lol. :P

So, what else are you waiting for PK girl? Head on to Trinoma a.s.a.p and drop by Five Cows to get a taste of their delicious Cheese Fondue and snag yourself a milk-smelling stuffed cow too! ;)

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