Friday, July 4, 2008

Starbucks, beybeh!

S and I are super fans of coffee (as you might know by now). There even came a time that we would raid Starbucks almost everyday for our doze of caffeine. We just had to lessen our Starbucks "dates" because we were gaining so much weight already. Haha! Well, with all our Starbucks experiences, you might say, we've practically memorized the menu already. Well, yeah, I won't lie, we do. haha! So what happens when you've tasted every coffee flavor Starbucks offers? You go create your own mix!

Our tried and tested Starbucks combinations! (I'm sure you'll love these!)

1. Hot White Chocolate Mocha with Vanilla & Hazelnut
White Chocolate mocha in itself is delish but adding Vanilla and Hazelnut took its flavor to the next level! The combi turned the white choco mocha into something very creamy. It sorta tasted latte-ish. I give this a thumb's up since even my little sister, who doesn't appreciate hot starbucks coffee, said with a surprised tone "Wow! This is so delicious! What is this, ate?" I think this is the SB version of Dulce De Leche or Creme Brulee. It tastes like frothy hot milk with a splash of caramelized sugar. Our say? definitely for keeps!

2. Iced White Chocolate Mocha with Raspberry Syrup and whipped cream
I was trying to go for the "raspberry cheesecake" taste. But what I got was something that tasted like flavored alcohol. Haha! No, I'm not saying it's bad. It's good in ways because the whipped cream in the iced coffee gave it texture. It actually reminds of strawberry yoghurt. Our say? Give it another go. (pic below, left side)

3. Java Chip Frappucino with Raspberry Sauce (above, right)
We wanted to achieve the "blackforest cake" taste however something went wrong on the way and we ended up with a mix that tasted so much like liquid medicine. It was soooo weird! I think the combination would have been good if we tasted more of the bitterness of the coffee. S and I deliberated over this and think that the "blackforest cake" taste might work if instead of Java Chip, we use Mocha Frappucino or better yet, their latest offering, the Dark Mocha frap. Our say? Try another type of coffee base. (I just cannot give up on this just yet because I lurveeee Black Forest! hehe)

4. Raspberry Mocha Frappuccino (right)
Much more than Starbucks, I love Seattle's Best Coffee more. I especially like their unusual flavors. But instead of going there to have my doze of great coffee, I decided to turn one of the items in their menu into a Starbucks combination. (hehe, baaaaad!)

Here's SB's take on Seattle's Best's Raspberry Mocha Kiss. So how did it compare? Wonderfully! They got it! It was bitter but the taste of the raspberry off set the dull flat flavor and gave it a refreshing kick. It's perfect for times that you would want to have coffee and juice at the same time. Hehe :) Our say? Tastefully spectacular!

5. Caramel Frappucinno with Hazelnut (below, left side)
Sounds simple? Well yeah, it is. But you know what the cool thing about this? It tastes so much like SB's holiday offering, Toffee Nut Frap! Yes, yes! Those who love this holiday flavor can enjoy it again by buying a caramel frap and adding hazelnut to it! The flavor is so delicious with a waming hint of nut in it. It tasted sweet and a little "nutty" at the same time. Really, I love, love this combi!
Our say? Two thumbs up!

6. Green tea with Hazelnut syrup (below, right)
Starbucks' Green Tea frap is actually one of my favorite non-coffee based drink. It is unusually delicious in itself! You cannot link its taste to the commercial green tea drinks because it is so far from that!--and I'm not just saying that! Well, my favorite got even better when we asked to have Hazelnut syrup added to it! Surprisingly, it tasted like Ice cream! It's like you're eating a creme brulee flavored ice cream or sweet milk. Our say? Good for fun days when you want to unleash the kid in you but doesn't want a to have a milkshake but a grown-up's drink but milkier. hehe.

There goes our combinations! It was a lot of fun researching about them. It's funner too because the baristas actually like it when you customize your drinks. We even got some of the ideas for the combinations from SB partners who are as excited and new to these as we were. hehe :) If you are able to test a really tasty combination, please feel free to comment here. Us coffeeholics would surely love that :)

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